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M-DCPS Leads the Country in NAF Distinguished Academies

M-DCPS' NAF Career Academies outperformed all school districts AGAIN! Miami is home to 43 distinguished academies, the most in the nation! Congratulations to our new Distinguished and Model academies!

Winners of Wall of Wind Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Virtual Wall of Wind Challenge! 1st Place = Miami Coral Park 2nd Place = North Miami 3rd Place = G. Holmes Braddock 4th Place = TERRA Environmental Research Institute 5th Place = Booker T. Washington 6th Place = Jose Marti MAST

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Miami-Dade students attended a workshop at Miami Dade College 

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Congratulations, Shon Barthell!

Let's all congratulate Shon Barthell for being selected to receive a $2,000 scholarship to support his STEM career path through the NAF Fund II Foundation Diversity & Equity in STEM Scholarship. We also want to congratulate you for receiving one of the Florida Power and Light (FPL)/SECME scholarships for African-American students. You are now part of a powerful and amazing [...]

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New Entrepreneurship Schools Announcement

NORTH REGION Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School North Miami Senior High School Madie Ives K-8 Center North Miami Middle School CENTRAL REGION Booker T. Washington Senior High School Miami Central Senior High School New World School of the Arts Henry E.S. Reeves K-8 Center Jose De Diego Middle School Kinloch Park Middle School SOUTH  REGION John A. Ferguson [...]

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An Experience to Remember: Take Your Child to Work Day

The children of teachers and school administrators enjoyed hands-on activities in CTE courses in several schools across the Miami-Dade school district on April 28th, of 2022.

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Mr. Vernon Leads Dream Team at Cisco Live

Marlon Vernon was officially recruited as leader of the "Dream Team" at Cisco Live conference held in Las Vegas, June 8 - June 17, 2022. Out of all the teachers, he was chosen as the best pick to instruct ten academy students. The team learned much from many IT minds and from several digital events during the Cisco Live conference. [...]

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Esports Highlighted at Youth Fair

Esports competitions has become a very popular activity and the gaming is a vital part of the M-DCPS CTE Game Design curriculum in Information Technology academies.

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