Career Pathways Lead to Success in College and Career!

Build your future now by taking Career Pathway courses in high school earning FREE college credit!

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney


Improve Your Future While in High School!

A Career Pathway Program of Study is a sequence of academic and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses which connect student’s high school and post-secondary educational experiences.

By combining rigorous academics with CTE, students have a clear path to their future and are able to meet graduation requirements, earn college credits, and industry certifications as well as valuable knowledge making them college and career ready before they leave high school.

Earn College Credit with CTE Courses

Use your High School Academy CTE Program Courses to Earn College Credit

Students can enroll in CTE programs of study in high school that integrate academic and career education. Students who complete a CTE program of study along with required academic courses and graduate with a high school diploma, may get college credit for those courses.

Search for your school, select your academy or technical college and see which courses you can earn college credit for at MDC.

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Technical College Agreements

Miami-Dade "Career in a Year" and Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Florida Technical Colleges

Reach New Heights with Industry Certification

Industry certifications are an important component of Career Academies and Career and Technical Education Programs showing students have demonstrated evidence of technical skill attainment and impact school grade as a part of accelerated coursework component. Industry Certification verifies that individuals have the entry-level skills to perform job functions in the area of certification.

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