Law, Public Safety & Security

Miami-Dade Career and Technical Education (CTE) Law K-8, middle school and high school programs of study integrate rigorous academic study with technical and soft work skills in specific career pathways of the career cluster Law, Public Safety & Security.

Career Exploration in Middle School

At the middle school level, students are introduced to CTE programs in exploration and introduction courses, which are designed to pique their interest in learning about career clusters and pathways. Middle school students are introduced to the Law and Public Service career areas in Business Technology Education courses and have the opportunity to participate in FBLA leadership training and competitions, and to also achieve digital learning tool certificates and/or industry certification.

Career Preparatory in High School

High school students begin study of CTE Law, Public Safety Security programs in the ninth grade, which provides them an opportunity to concentrate their efforts in a law and public safety security career pathway. Agriscience programs consist of 3 or more year long courses, participation in FFA, achievement of industry certification, and work-based learning opportunities.

  • Criminal Justice Operations

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High Schools with Law, Public Safety & Security

  • Coral Reef Senior High
  • Felix Varela Senior High
  • Hialeah Gardens Senior High*
  • Miami Jackson Senior High
  • John A. Ferguson Senior High*
  • Robert Morgan Educational Center
  • South Dade Senior High
  • TERRA Environmental Research Institute
  • William Turner Technical Arts High

*NAF Academies

Industry Certification

Usually achieved during senior year with online exam and sometimes with demonstration of skills (may also be age and experiential hours requirements.)

  • 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator (FDMQA030)
  • Accredited Legal Professional (ALP)

*Middle and high school               

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(Not all certifications listed above are offered at all schools listed)


Work-Based Learning


Career and Technical Ed. Student Organization

High school and post-secondary student participation.

Average Salaries

Administrative Law Judge, Adjudicator, & Hearing Officer $97,890 $89,630 / $91,530
Court Reporter $43,290 $54,760 / $55,000
Emergency Vehicles Dispatcher $38,740  $38,960
Firefighter $51,610 $48,270 / $48,75
Immigration & Customs Inspector $72,280 $79,030
Legal Technical (Paralegal) $47,820 $29,380 - $74,280
Police Patrol Officer $57,280 $58,720 / $59,56
Police Detective $72,280 $79,030 / $80,540
Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff $57,280 $58,720 / $59,560
Transportation Security Officer $37,090 $37,400 / $38,600 May 2014 information



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