NAF Academies of Finance

The Academy of Finance curriculum covers banking and credit, financial planning, global finance, securities, insurance, accounting, economics, and entrepreneurship. The Academy of Finance curriculum and certification is validated by the Council for Economic Education.


Average Salaries

OCCUPATIONS  Median Hourly Wage Miami-Dade County   Median Hourly Wage State of Florida 
 Accountants and Auditors  $38.90  $36.04 
 Buyers and Purchasing Agents  $29.87  $31.36 
 Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing  $20.80  $20.36 
 Financial Analyst   $40.93  $36.70 
 Financial Managers  $76.68   $65.55 
 Insurance Sales Agents  $30.66  $29.60 
 Loan Officer   $38.60  $36.61 
 Financial Risk Specialists  $40.93  $36.70 


Two Business People Calculating Finance Together In Office

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