ACTE CTE Month® and NASA HUNCH 2019-2020 Student Video Challenge

Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) and NASA HUNCH are hosting, for the second year, the student video challenge, celebrating career and technical education (CTE) and project-based learning programs.

Video Challenge and Theme: “Living and Working on the Moon and Beyond”

  • Celebrate the 50+ year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission by “looking back and looking ahead” — discuss some ideas of what lies ahead in lunar exploration and colonization.
  • The moon is our closest planetary neighbor (average distance of 384,400 kilometers or 238,900 miles). Feature a project (hosted on Earth or the moon) that could advance our understanding of living and working in extreme environments.
  • Showcase a future scenario on the moon that incorporates CTE and/or project-based learning.

The contest is open to middle school (6th-8th grades), high school and postsecondary students in any CTE or project-based (hands-on) class or program, or NASA HUNCH school. Students may enter as individuals or as a team.

Deadline to submit your video to ACTE is on Monday, March 2 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Contest is not sponsored by Miami-Dade CTE


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About CTE Month® and NASA HUNCH

ACTE, empowering educators to deliver high-quality CTE programs that ensure students are positioned for career success, is host to the annual CTE Month awareness campaign held each February.

HUNCH stands for High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware and is looking to extend its message of inspiring students through project-based learning to CTE students across the nation. NASA HUNCH high schools offer students the opportunity to launch their careers through the participation in the design and fabrication of real world valued products for NASA.