The One Community One Goal initiative is aimed at diversifying the local economy. It followed a 2011 study showing key areas where the county should concentrate its economic development efforts. The Beacon Council and other key community organizations — including the Knight Foundation, CareerSource South Florida, Baptist Health and United Way — have used the plan to invest in local job creation.

One Community One Goal 6th Annual Report to the Community was held this past Wednesday June 25th, 2018 at Marlins Stadium. Special keynote speaker Mark Wilson, gave a presentation about Miami’s Path to Prosperity, with One Community One Goal Co- Chairs Carlos Gimenez, Maria Alonso, and Penny Shaffer, this event was a hit! Special Thanks to Alberto Carvalho, for also giving a great speech, and JD Hoye President, of NAF for announcing the launch of MiamiNAFTrack to promote career opportunities.

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