The National Academy Foundation (NAF) is a national education non-profit that brings schools and businesses together to better prepare students of all backgrounds. Since 1980, NAF has led a movement for immersive, career-focused teaching and work-based learning.  

The NAF Next Perspective 2023 conference was held in Phoenix, AZ on July 11-14, 2023. During the conference, Robert Morgan Educational Center’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism received the Sanford I. Weill Academy of Excellence Award. This annual award recognizes a select number of NAF academies exhibiting the highest standards for public and private partnerships for the benefit of students. This marks the fifth year that Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) has received the Sanford I. Weill Academy of Excellence Award since the inception of this award in 2013, making M-DCPS the District with the most winners.