Miami, February 27, 2017:  The engineering club at Booker T. Washington High School joined the CEO of the Miami Tunnel, Chris Hodgkins, to promote National Engineers Week and inspire the students. Mr. Hodgkin’s and the engineers who worked on the tunnel explained the unique and innovative tunnel built in South Florida and then spoke about their careers and previous experience before joining the tunnel team. The team provided a tour of the operations facility of the tunnel, including the control room and the floodgates.

“It’s important that we look to the future, our future engineers, and do what we can to get them excited about what’s in their own backyard. We want to emphasize to high school students the importance of continuing on to higher education” said Chris Hodgkins, CEO of the Miami Tunnel.

National Engineers Week shines a spotlight on the excitement and achievements of modern engineering. The activity taking place during the week highlights the rewarding, creative and well-paid job opportunities in a broad range of dynamic industries.

PortMiami Tunnel and the engineering club at Booker T. Washington had the opportunity to visit a few engineering landmarks around Miami. In addition to the tunnel, the students visited Miami’s tallest building, The Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel tour was led by The Four Seasons chief engineer, Adolfo Flores. The students got a behind the scenes view of the hotel and what it takes to run such a big building. They also attended a very inspiring presentation by William O’ Donnell, PE from De Simone Consulting. Mr. O’Donnell spoke about his role in building The Four Seasons Hotel.  The students also toured the roof of Miami Marlins Stadium with Aaron White, PE from Walter P. Moore Engineers. Mr. White and his firm are responsible for the structural design of the stadiums retractable roof.

The initiative was coordinated by Miami Access Tunnel (MAT), the private consortium that built the tunnel in partnership with the FDOT District Six. This is the outreach programs 6th year and the team hopes to continue supporting Booker T. Washington High School in this event.



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