Schools and youth programs are challenged to teach computer science that students need for life and careers in today’s world. Educators and youth program leaders want to learn about computer science to be able to meet that challenge.

This 3-hour teacher workshop provides valuable first steps in three, connected, 1-hour sessions:

  • Session 1: Experience an hour of code. Learn to code in a novice-friendly setting using a Minecraft coding tutorial and experience first-hand what students are excited about.
  • Session 2: Beyond coding. Learn what computer science means, why it is important for learners in today’s world, and computer science concepts and skills that can be easily added to classrooms and youth programs.
  • Session 3: Get ready to lead an hour of code. Learn an exciting new web tutorial and prepare to use it to lead any group through an hour of code!

Register today to learn how you can easily add coding and computer science into your classroom or youth program. Snacks will be provided!


Microsoft teacher workshop flyer