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Dr. Candi L. Ring, a Cybersecurity Curriculum Developer, FCIT at The University of South Florida, had this to say about the teachers that joined as mentors for the Cyber Patriot Competitions.

“Stephanie (Northrop Grumman)- Your knowledge of the history and logistics of the Cyber Patriot program was an asset to the discussion.

Marlon (Miami-Dade)- Your expertise and experience running multiple teams as a club provided teachers will valuable insights on how to run their own extracurricular activities.

Scott (Pasco)- Your expertise and experience running your Cyber Patriot team through an elective class provided teachers with information that will help them organize their own course.

Nate (USF)- Thank you for providing information about USF’s Cyber Camp program and promoting the awesome things you are doing with our K12 students!

Thank you for promoting these opportunities and for helping make these programs accessible to students!”