Twenty accounting students, from G. Holmes Braddock Senior High school operate the tax site.

During their accounting classes, students spent two months training in tax law and preparing to take several IRS Certification tests. The following three certification exams are required in order to participate in the VITA program: 2018 Advanced Exam; 2018 Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam; and 2018 Intake/Interview and Quality Review Exam. The Site Coordinators, Sheila Bolanos (student) and Mary Hough (teacher) were required to complete the following additional training: 2018 Site Coordinator Training. Sheila and Ms. Hough also attended additional tax law training workshop at Branches (United Way).


Braddock VITA Site days of operation during tax season are nine Thursdays, January 31 through April 4, from 3pm to 6 pm. They serve Braddock family, which includes students, custodial, parents, and members of the community. VITA sites must follow strict guidelines and go through an on-site IRS audit.


In addition to preparing basic tax returns, students improve customer service skills, and learn to apply tax law to numerous questions and scenarios. This is an amazing experience for the students who participate in the VITA program. It also showcases the school and the CTE program.