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Agritechnology and Veterinary Assisting students at Hialeah Gardens Senior High are involved in a STEAM project raising Tilapia and cultivating Red Mangrove propagules.

Through this project, Agritechnology students are collaborating with Frost Museum in the restoration efforts of mangrove habitat.

STEAM Initiatives Applied During Project

  • Aquaponics Tilapia and Red Mangrove Propagule Cultivation


  • Understanding proper water quality management of aquaponics systems in order to maintain healthy Tilapia fish while cultivating Red Mangrove propagules.
  • Water testing for pH, nitrates and Ammonia identify chemical, physical and biological changes in water to determine acceptable levels for fish development.
  • Understanding environmental issues related to mangrove degradation or damaged habitat and applying techniques in the cultivation of red mangrove propagules for restoration


  • Hydroponics and aquaponics techniques and systems
  • pH reading equipment to collect data
  • Computer input and record data


  • Designing and constructing of circulating pump in tilapia tank and pumping into mangrove hydroponic bed.
  • Design and construction of mangrove flotation device allowing mangrove to float in upright position.


  • Photography and sketching of mangroves


  • Excel spreadsheet of data collected.
  • Measurement pipe and tubing connectors, calculating reagent mix for water quality testing
  • Determining gallons of water to treat