Workshops for various program area of CTE will be offered on the PD Day on November 8, 2016. Please contact the CTE Instructional Supervisor over your program area for more information.

CTE Program Area



Business Technology

CTE Windows 10 and Office 2016 Training

Teachers will be introduced to new features in Windows 10, Office 2016, and OneNote.

Dadeland Mall Microsoft Store
Health Science

Practical Nurse Teachers’ Meeting

Training in the newly acquired Access Point Medication Cart which allows nurses to have medication information available by the patients' bedside.  Resources available will be covered by a member of the Assessment Technology Institute (ATI).

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College
Technology & Industrial Education

Automotive Programs and Industry Certification Conversation

Discussion of NATEF accreditation, FADA industry certification examination, and ASE G1 exam and standards for secondary teachers. Procedures will be discussed as well as tools for preparing for the examinations.

William Turner Technical Arts High School
Technology & Industrial Education

MasterCAM STEM Curriculum Training

An introduction to STEM fabrication curriculum with a focus on MasterCAM.  Teachers will have the opportunity to review the curriculum, work through a sample lesson, and gain access to the curriculum materials.

Miami Lakes Educational Center
Technology & Industrial Education

Introduction to Adobe Premiere

An introduction to Adobe Premiere for new users.  Basic skills will be covered as well as an overview of content to be found on the Adobe Premiere industry certification exam.  This course is intended for current Television Production and Digital Media instructors.

Miami Dade College North Campus, Room 322-10